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Founding Sponsors

Adventure Learning Schools


Adventure Learning Schools was formed in 2009 by Professor David Hopkins, formerly Chief Adviser on School Standards to the Secretary of State. Its aim is to create a network of schools where learning is not just enjoyable, but leads to genuine accomplishments, an appreciation of oneself, others and society. Learning occurs not just within classrooms but also in the external environment, both wilderness and urban, and is consistently infused by a spirit of adventure and enquiry.


Our founding sponsors

Our DfE-approved charitable sponsors Helping Hands Trust and My World Trust work with Bright Tribe to drive up educational attainment in the schools that join our growing network.

Helping Hands Trust

Established in 2008, Helping Hands Trust supports and mentors young people suffering from financial hardship, sickness, disability, or distress, as they acquire the crucial work and life skills needed for a brighter future.

Through its sponsorship of Bright Tribe, Helping Hands seeks to increase and widen its impact on advancing education and life opportunities for young people.



Michael Dwan


Michael Dwan is the Representative for academy sponsors Helping Hands Trust and My World Trust*

A successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, Michael’s personal interest in education is focused on supporting change to help young people of all abilities achieve their individual learning potential and aspirations.

As the eldest of seven children from a working class family in Manchester, Michael feels passionately that his own education gave him an extraordinary opportunity and he wishes to help others benefit from the same life-changing experience.

Michael is committed to bringing together the right complementary mix of skills and expertise to ensure academies within the Bright Tribe network benefit from the very best educational improvement and gain from the professionalism and innovative ideas of members of the Trust with a background in industry.

Michael has recently been awarded a Doctorate in Education by the University of Bolton.

*Michael is not an employee of ALAT. 

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