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Our Vision

Children tell us that they learn best when they are actively involved in their own learning, have clear explanations and guidelines, are encouraged to work together, are respected by their teachers and can link together learning experiences within and outside the classroom. This is how we structure the teaching and learning within an ALAT school.

ALAT pupils will become powerful, resilient learners who are able to work effectively both independently and collaboratively.

ALAT pupils will be literate and numerate, confident to follow their path beyond school and be positive contributors to their community.

ALAT pupils will be extraordinary.

What does it mean to be an ALAT academy?

When a school chooses to become an ALAT academy, we make a commitment to help that school provide the very best education for every single child. We achieve this through working with the school to improve the quality of teaching and learning and by supporting the school to become excellent.

This means having the best teachers, the best facilities, the most effective approach to learning, the highest standards of leadership and an exciting and challenging curriculum that will develop those skills that children will need to become successful, employable and fulfilled citizens.

What will a ALAT education look like for my child?

Personalised Learning

ALAT recognises that every child is different. All our schools adopt personalised teaching and learning practices appropriate to each pupil to help them reach their individual potential, whatever that may be. This means focusing on children developing a range of learning skills, the use of personal learning plans and embracing pupil voice. These strategies ensure that children make the maximum possible progress, have an educationally excellent, quality learning experience and are motivated to achieve their best.

It involves working with parents are carers to help further identify a child’s needs and to help understand how best to support the child.

Learning skills

Developing a child’s learning skills so they can work well both independently and collaboratively helps them to build the skills they need for the future.

Literacy and numeracy

Literacy and numeracy are essential for every child to become a confident and able learner and to be able to access and participate fully in their education and in life beyond school. In ALAT schools the curriculum is designed to ensure all pupils develop appropriate levels of literacy and numeracy – providing vital ‘catch up’ support to those who need it and growing the abilities of those doing well. A whole school focus on literacy and numeracy is maintained across the curriculum for ALAT learners throughout their time in school.

Adventure Learning

What is Adventure Learning?

Adventure Learning is a teaching and learning methodology and ethos that provides exciting and challenging ways for children to develop their learning skills through bringing ‘real life’ context to learning concepts and ideas. This is achieved through ‘learning expeditions’ – both inside the classroom and out of school settings.

Learning through adventure has a proven track record in developing personal qualities of independence, problem solving ability, discipline, team working and confidence – skills that are in demand in the modern workplace and which underpin successful social development.

Who is ALAT accountable to?

Academies are accountable to the DfE and are inspected by Ofsted in the same way as maintained (local authority) schools. ALAT is committed to meeting the most demanding of external accountability standards – both those set by Ofsted and expectations for pupil performance in external tests and examinations.

We are also committed to the very best practice in internal measurement and review, using assessment strategies, self – evaluation and tracking of pupils on a regular basis.


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